What is OnlyNote?

OnlyNote lets you send personal, one-of-a-kind messages to the people you care about. It is a messaging app that uses a virtual economy to recreate the benefits of real-world letter writing.

Who is it for?

OnlyNote is for anyone who wants meaningful, quality communication. Messaging with OnlyNote is perfect for special occasions, romantic or friendly correspondence, reconnecting with old friends or distant relatives, and everyday communication.

How is it different from other messaging applications?

Unlike other messaging applications, which try to emulate real-time conversation, OnlyNote is a private messenger that uses a unique letter writing format. Messages in OnlyNote are given, which means only the recipient keeps a copy of the message. This recreates the sense of giving that is characteristic of physical letter writing.

How is it different from email?

Unlike email, which has everything from work email, bills and spam, OnlyNote is specially made for personal messaging. As an analogy, people usually keep the nice letters they receive in a special box. They normally do not put utility bills, business documents or random advertising in that box. OnlyNote is the digital equivalent of that special box.

Is it available on my device?

The OnlyNote app is currently only available on iOS, but stay tuned as we launch into other platforms!


What are Notes?

Messages in OnlyNote are called “Notes.” They are one-of-a-kind messages that are given to other users, meaning they disappear upon sending so that the recipient has the only existing copy of the message.

What are Pages?

First time users are given an initial set of virtual goods called “Pages” upon signing up. OnlyNote uses a virtual economy of these Pages to limit how many messages you can send at a time. You lose a Page whenever you send a message. This encourages you to take more time to compose better messages.

How do I get more Pages?

Pages are earned whenever a Penpal thanks you for the Notes you send them (+1 Page per Thank You). You are also given a free Page after a whole day with zero pages. Alternatively, you can purchase more Pages through the app under Profile Settings.

How many pages can I keep at a time?

Initially, you can hold a maximum of 5 pages at a time. Whenever you buy additional Pages, your Page Limit increases according to how many Pages you have purchased.

What are Font Filters?

You can change the appearance of the text in your Notes by changing the Font Filter (toggling the A/A button in Compose Mode). We are always updating our font selection, so be sure to check again from time to time.

What are Stamps?

A “Stamp” is a photo taken right before a user sends a Note. Every Note must have a Stamp added to it before it can be sent. A Stamp works like a digital signature to specify the unique moment the user made a particular Note.

What are Penpals?

Penpals are your personal contacts in OnlyNote. You can add people to your Penpals by searching for their usernames on OnlyNote.

What can I do with the Notes I received?

Aside from viewing the message content and Stamp photo, you can show your gratitude and say “Thank You” by tapping the heart button on the Notes in your Inbox. The Penpal who sent you the Note will be notified that you said thanks and they will be rewarded with an additional Page.

You can also tap the star button to add a Note to your Favorites list, which can be found under the Profile Settings. Lastly, you can press the reply button to reply directly to the Penpal who sent you the Note.

Inviting friends

You can send your friends a download link to join OnlyNote via any messaging service. Download link: